Lee Perrault
Colorist & Design Consultant

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Rye, New Hampshire

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Via Design and I hit a milestone in 2008 with the celebration of our twentieth anniversary. The journey has been ever changing and most definitely unexpected, so, if this sort of thing interests you, here's the scoop:

Ummn ... how did I get here?

I guess the stage was set with an AA degree in Liberal Arts from Vermont College for Women in Montpelier VT, followed by a five year stint in Europe and wrapping up with a BA in Graphic Design from the American University, Washington DC, in 1980. In 1988, armed with an 8 year history with the area's top advertising agencies, I opened Via Design in Manchester NH – a graphic design firm – with my first partner, Sharon. A year and beloved partner, Lia, later, we incorporated and moved to the historic Palace Theater block on Hanover Street in the Queen City. 

By the late-nineties and long since returned to sole ownership, the firm had grown to five and serviced a diverse list from Fortune 500 companies to small, locally-owned shops. Our conference room 'wall of shame' touted an impressive array of local, regional and international awards, and our work could be found in many design annuals. Via Design had earned a reputation not only for design excellence, but for its unique graphics and use of color in print. Unwittingly, I was laying the foundation for a career shift in the new millennium.

Web disinterest vs the lure of three dimensions ...

It was as my husband and I were about to move into our newly built home on the NH seacoast, that I lost my fabulous studio space in Manchester. The midlife thing and slower life at the beach were calling anyway, so I guess life has a way of giving you what you need, even though it might not seem that you are getting what you want. The growing field of web design did not excite me, but three dimensional design always had, so, a few referrals from my architect and a year in the building and decorating field, and I shifted business focus to a set of skills utilizing much of what I was already trained to do!

Color and design are wonderful things, the tenants of which transcend all mediums. Years of theory and applied arts, art history and architecture segued pretty seamlessly into another type of application, at the right time, for both me and my company. Via Design llc – 'Cultivating Spirited Environments' – began teaming up with home and business owners to develop pallets for their interiors and exteriors around NH and the Seacoast. 

Flashing forward ...

Since 2000, I have worked with more than 200 clients in the residential and business sectors. It is said that when one does what one loves for work, then it is truly fun and effortless. I must say that I am now a believer. Of course there are stresses, as well as aspects that are not always perfect, but I love my clients and they seem to love my work. What more could one ask for?