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No one knows better than I how difficult it can be to decorate or make design decisions for your own home, especially when it has been in a certain layout for some time. We carry emotional baggage about our things, whether they be purchased by us, inherited or received as gifts. We also tend to have mental images of how we want our house to look and feel, even if it doesn't in actuality meet this criteria. When we've been looking at a room for a long time, it can be very difficult to imagine how it can look different. With all of the choices available and the range of costs involved, shaking it up can be daunting.
But, with a little help, the process can be fun and the results amazing! From both a financial and conservation point of view, the cost can be very reasonable and the recycling aspect rewarding! I love helping people breathe new life into a home with the furnishings and items that they already have and are passionate about. Sometimes fresh, new items are needed to intersperse and update the energy, but I want to hear about the stone collection relegated to the cellar, and the old maps that your grandfather gave you. These are often much more meaningful than something new from a furniture showroom. These 'dust collectors' can be the seeds that create the stars. Remember to nurture yourself by surrounding yourself with things that have meaning for you and your family!

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