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"Brilliant. Amazing, Gifted. This woman is a genius! Her way is to channel color and she does so brilliantly."

Andrea/Portsmouth NH

"It was a pleasure working with you. Painting is underway....firstly, the freshly painted ceiling looks fabulous and clean. The Titanium wall is done and looks amazing. Work has begun on the walls in the living room and hallway, and I think it will be great. Very different than what we are used to looking at. [Later...] The room looks so different. Very restful colors! We are loving it."

Natalie / Portsmouth NH

"Lee, the 'Thea' is on and looks great! She [daughter] is thrilled - I'm repainting trim. Still working on tile. Thanks!"    

Nancy / Rye NH

"They started installing the kitchen this week - and the color looks GREAT! I love it - very warm and soft. At first it looked yellow, but that is just because of the stark white walls - with your 'pinhole' trick, they are gorgeous! Thought you'd like to know."

Nancy / New Castle NH

"Hey, you are a genius ... your design is fabulous. It is truly breathtaking."    

Meryl / Portsmouth NH

"I wanted to tell you that we just painted the back wall in the kitchen, Crackle. Oh my God, I love it. I keep walking back into the room to look at it. Tom is very pleased too. I can't wait to finish the room. Thank You very much. It is a pleasure to work with you. I am so, so excited."

Carol / Kensington NH

"The color is just right - even on the rug. The bed looks beautiful against it and I think a sheer, white curtain will be just perfect."

Mindy / Brentwood NH

"As I look out at the changing colors, I am delighted to find how beautiful the [exterior] blue is with the bright orange trees. Fast forwarding through the rest of the seasons, I can see that the color is going to work wonderfully with them all. Thank you again for your patience and persistence, Lee. It's really made a difference."

Pam / N. Hampton NH

"Thank you for your sweet spirit and gift of color! It was such a pleasure working with you!    

Kathy and Tom / Stratham NH

"Had five of my close friends who have been concerned about the colors I pick, over for pizza last night. They love it. And it is true that the 'dark hole' has come alive. [The painter] isn't finished so I've just put the barest of furniture back, but it already feels so inviting. Thanks again."

Cheyne / Brentwood NH

"Lee, the color is amazing! I don't know how you did it, but these colors are just what I envisioned when we spoke on the phone."

Judy / Dallas TX + Rye NH

"The waffle color has been painted in the [house] hallway and I LOVE it! The paint samples [for pool house] really accented some of the wispy colors and I also think the glass tiles we picked out will really add character to it. This really is fun! Thanks!"

Emily / Durham NH

"Hi Lee, so fortunate to have you in our life. You are making our home such a nice place to live our lives!  

Carol / Kensington NH